1 March 2016

2 March 2016

Regents Canal and Shoreditch Park, 7.15 am, 1 March 2016

I work a lot with planning proposals, people’s imagined futures. In the mocked-up images, it’s always sunny with smiling people running around. Occasionally, developments are subject to year-round projection, where they are imagined in summer and winter, night and day, but usually it’s just the sun. Is it sunny most days? Should we be planning our world with summer sun as optimal conditions? I’m going to see what happens if I take pictures of the same place at the time for the course of the project and see if it ever looks like a planning drawing.


2 thoughts on “1 March 2016

    1. I guess so. I mean, I see why people focus on summer, cos we think it looks nicer. It’s an ideal. But does that mean we are missing out on buildings designed to look awesome in the wind and rain?


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