14 April 2016

Academic seasonality all in one month. Conference season can be trying, but it’s what we do, and an opportunity to showcase my work on an international stage, meet colleagues I only know from emails or Twitter, and to discuss new ideas and new projects. But it is stressful and exhausting to travel so much and have to write and prepare so much. I think I may have bitten off more than I could chew this year.  Whine, whinge, privilege.

So far I have taken (in April alone): 7 out of 15 flights, visited 4 countries, attended 2 out of 3 conferences, delivered 2 out of 3 papers, have 2 articles to finish, collated and started processing the data from 1 survey, closed 1 other online survey, and travelled from minus 3° in Umeå and snow, to 6° in Oslo, 12° and spring in the UK, to a balmy 28° in Florida, and back again. Severe disorientation temporally and intellectually.






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