19 April 2016

This is our first post on a week-day / work-day. The usual week-day morning family chaos to leave the house, then we go our separate ways. Dan heads off down the street, drives past the pier-head where the Hamnavoe ferry docks, then leaves Stromness behind for the day.

I (Antonia) work from home, so stay in Stromness. Sitting at my desk and looking out of my window, the backdrop to my working day is marked by the level of the tide rising and falling on Copland’s Pier opposite. This 100m long pier is located opposite the town’s historic seafront of stone-built piers and was opened in 2014, specifically to support the expanding renewables industry in the town. A combination of some of the strongest tides and wildest seas in the northern hemisphere with a sheltered harbour have allowed Stromness to develop as a world leader in marine renewables. It is home to the European Marine Energy Centre, which allows wave and energy devices to be tested in grid-connected open-sea facilities, whilst Heriot-Watt University’s International Centre for Island Technology and a host of renewables consultancies and engineering firms are also based here.

Many of the sailors and marine engineers based out of Stromness receive training at the Maritime Campus of Orkney College (the ‘Nav School’). Based just a few piers along the front, it has been training seamen for over 40 years. Today they are out in rowing boats.

Sunrise                 05.50                                   Moonrise            17.33

Sunset                  20.34                                   Moonset             05.21

Low tide          02.22 (1.09m)                         High tide          08.42 (3.10m)

Low tide          14.42 (0.76m)                         High tide          21.05 (3.08m)

Waxing gibbous moon


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