29 April 2016

Things have switched around this week. Antonia is traveling through to Kirkwall for the day. Dan has got the week off to renovate the bathroom with his brother. This is what happens when you take up various layers of lino to find the can(s) of worms; then you are committed. We’ve been doing up the house for a few years, gradually removing the 1960s and 70s (various colours of lino, dark patterned wall paper, polystyrene ceiling tiles, mirrored tiles, stud walling, blocked fire places, brown Formica kitchen, primrose yellow bath suite) turning it back to more like its original form. As you work around the house you come to know it intimately, understanding the hidden secrets behind the plasterboard. The walls are made of clay and stone, with a bit of lime mortar for the outside. Fine-grained Canadian pitch pine was used for the floors – now an orange colour of age – brought over on some cargo ship. The internal lintels are all old ships timbers, with various holes and markings of unknown function, reused in most old Orkney houses. Stromness houses along the front are part of the piers; built at the same time from the same fabric as the town was built out into the sea.

Sunrise                 05.23                                  Moonrise            02.35

Sunset                  20.57                                  Moonset             10.53

High tide         02.19 (2.82m)                         Low tide          08.16 (1.12m)

High tide         15.10 (2.59m)                         Low tide          20.49 (1.39m)

Third quarter moon


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