30 April 2016


It’s another post on a weekend. No adventures today, but after several weekends spent away, it’s been a day of reconnecting with my flat. Scrubbing the bath, sweeping the living room, finding space for the drinks trolley I picked up weeks ago and hope will soon occupy another house but for now it’s made a corner by my window look exciting and new. But it’s the stubborn lint that collects on the feet of my chairs that causes me grief. Lovely chairs acquired from Spike Island but I really can’t compete with the fluff.

So, a domesticated day, wrangling with things. Coffee bought, breakfast eaten with my flatmate. And now on to volunteer at the Cube Cinema. Tonight, it’s She Must be Seeing Things and Lois Weaver will be there performing too. So, I end my day on an archaeological note with LGBT+ histories, old films and the comforting, comfortable, granular space of the cinema. And a bit of dancing….


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