22 May 2016

This week Stromness has been ‘Open For Business’ following several years of disruptions to the street from the Townscape Heritage Initiative (THI) and the replacement of large sections of the slab and cobble road surface. The THI has lifted the appearance of the town and the street has never looked better, although the ongoing sets of scaffolding became a symbol for the project and the subject of jokes. Now these works are finished, local businesses are keen to promote the independent shops and highlights of the town, which for a population of c.2000 punches well above its weight. Lots of the shops are open today and a small cruise ship is in the harbour; the town is busy for a Sunday. The Hamnavoe ferry is being diverted from its normal route this afternoon for a trip around Hoy as part of the annual Orkney Nature Festival; a chance to see islands from a new perspective.

Today is one of those sunny calm days where the light shimmers off the sea in Hamnavoe. The sounds of the sea and street merge into a delicate soundscape as you walk.


Sunrise                 04.25                                  Moonrise            22.07

Sunset                  21.53                                  Moonset             05.30


Low tide          04.07 (0.78m)                         Low tide          16.20 (0.76m)

High tide         10.19 (3.20m)                         High tide         22.29 (3.33m)


Full moon


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