May Madness

So today I forgot it was a bank holiday weekend.  They don’t usually register on my radar. But today I was driven down to ‘Dooorset’ for a family gathering and the traffic jams on the way really brought it home. Mass exodus for the second May bank holiday. Daycations galore. I became a passenger riding on a train to escapism, with maybe a couple of thousand others.

I’ve always loved being a passenger actually, as it gives you time to wonder about the phenomenon of the british public taking to the road, away from cities or just the ordinary weekday-lifestyle. Pearing into windows, wondering about the destination of others, checking out their mountain bikes, sea-kayaks, even the odd boat in tow. Sunglasses, VW vans, obscure bumper stickers, and huge back-ups just ahead of the New Forest.

I’m also reading The Old Ways by R. McFarlane–an evocative travel-book about ‘paths’ in Britain. While it is about the paths less trod and meditative revelry it also leaves space for the bustle of contemporary, connected lifestyles (and I really recommend). So, bringing this together, I am enjoying flowing along this stream of mass-public pathfinding. Hope everyone has a lovely day. And don’t–like my driving-partner–end up wanting to blow up caravans!



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