4 June 2016

In June, Stromness comes to life. It was the Orkney Folk Festival last weekend and the unusually dry sunny weather continues bringing tourists and locals to the town. Today, there is a small cruise ship in, the ‘Silver Explorer’, and the street is busy. Melted ice creams start to appear on the pavement and the bunting is up now for the summer. It’s still not that warm, but about as good as it gets for Orkney. Is this the summer, we wonder? Passing the pier head, one of the creel boats is out of the water for its annual refit: scraping the barnacles and weed from the hull, sanding, undercoat, extreme weather gloss in various bright colours. Paint drips from previous vessels cover the concrete. Everyone’s keen to make the most of the summer light and long evenings.

Sunrise                 04:06                                    Moonrise            04:29

Sunset                  22:16                                     Moonset             20:59


Low tide          02.55 (0.59m)                         Low tide         15:18 (0.47m)

High tide          09:12 (3.59m)                        High tide         21.38 (3.08m)

New moon



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