5 June 2016


National Museum of Wales / Bradshaw Foundation


Ignoring the rising tide of panic over 2 late papers, 2 late review articles and the email tsunami made worse by work-to-rule conditions, which are part of the University and College Union’s industrial action. (This may just be the thing that brings down the sector and produces the radical free school.) Instead of working, I am off to the coast again. From my postings on The Human Seasons it appears that I am always running away to sea, but this is just coincidence. Today, it’s Gower with my housemate. I might try to brave the scree slopes down to Goat’s Hole, Paviland, but I doubt it. I lived on Gower for 2 years when I worked as a Research Assistant on the Social Construction of Heritage and its Meanings in Modern Wales project. I spent a lot of time wandering (and avoiding Paviland due to vertigo) and not enough time writing, but those were simpler days in higher education and those two years helped me to rethink my PhD entirely. Reminding myself of ‘The Red Lady’ of Paviland has put me in mind of the stark differences in the public utterances generated by the museums and heritage sectors and popular archaeology websites. Funny bones…





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