13 June 2016






I was supposed to be in Athens this weekend, attending an workshop on digital curation of archaeological data, but the Swedish pilots of Scandinavian Airlines decided to strike, so my flights were cancelled and I was waiting around for another flight.  I was stuck in Umeå, and it was a lot colder than I had planned to be in my parallel universe, where the flights had flown and I was in Greece, eating ice cream and gawping at archaeological sites in between workshop sessions.

However, the skies were blue, the forest was calling and I had bought myself a map which showed the location of some burial mounds – Bronze Age, apparently, and previously located on the coast. The land up here in northern Sweden has a bad case of glacial isostasy (post-glacial rebound) and in the Gulf of Bothnia, land levels are rising by anything up to 11mm a year.

Apparently there are numerous similar archaeological sites in the area south of Umeå, which I now need to find before the winter returns. The forest in summer is an absolute delight – I may have to try and traverse some of the tracks again in winter on skis.

Suggested soundtrack/earworm (gets me every time I step foot in the place): The Cure – A Forest



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