17 June 2016

A memorial landscape, 1954

Back in April I took some photos of Leicester’s main war memorial and the surrounding part of Victoria Park, where a number of trees were recently felled in order to install a new processional route to the memorial. Diggers are now scouring out the tennis courts and car park.

The Arch of Remembrance (as almost no-one in Leicester calls it) sits at the centre of a memorial landscape – at the top of an existing avenue leading from University Road, and next to the University, which was established as a living memorial to local men lost during the First World War.

The new route will connect the memorial with the contemporary entrance gates and lodges to the north, in London Road – the memorial and lodges were all designed by Edwin Lutyens. The direct line of sight between the lodges and the memorial has long been obscured by a car park, tennis and basketball courts, and the aforementioned trees, but in these centenary years the decision has been made to restore that link. I am interested to find out whether such a link was intended, and why such work was never carried out when veterans of the First World War were still alive. More research needed.


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