A List of Reasons to Sing …

#5 For Unity

Following on from previous posts from my fellow Human Seasons contributors, this is a voiceless song for the remain camp. Voiceless due to a summer cold, but my heart is singing.

This is the only version of this song, archival or recorded, that goes by the title Sweet Europe. Others in the family are known as The Happy Stranger, The Poor Stranger, and The Poor Stranger Far From Home. You’ll see that Cecil Sharp mucked around with the lyrics (a most annoying habit of his), but other versions that travelled over the ocean to the States kept the last verse unaltered, so I was able to see that it does indeed switch back to the storyteller for the conclusion:

‘For the strangers agreed, that we all do know well                                                                           So I wish you well, happy, and safe at your home’.


Sweet Europe: Mr Dibble, Somerset, 1905 

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