The archaeology of hope

13517472_10154179144275396_6563997137279868964_oToday is the big EU referendum day. Voted yet?

The big structures of politics are visible and lasting – the town hall, the border wall or ditch, the hill fort or frontier town. They dot all periods of human history.

Yet the daily political life of any nation is transient. The things that whip us into a frenzy and persuade us to vote IN or OUT of the European Union are ephemeral. Newspapers, broadcasts, posters in windows, soapbox speeches, flags (and in our case eggshells, peeled away on a Peak District walk) leave no physical trace.

Yet these floating voices and throwaway pieces of paper form our opinions and alter the course of all our lives. Cumulatively, they have an impact which will shape a continent. What kind of Europe is this little boy walking towards?



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