Britain in a new micro-climate…?


What a beautiful day outside. Lovely temperature. Birds singing. Light fluffy clouds. Museum Gardens full of people enjoying 11oclock sunshine. It’s a big change since last night, when I walked home through a thunderstorm with lightening and heavy drops of rain, trying to avoid the puddles as I skipped through dark alleyways in York.

Today I woke up to a very different sky. And, despite its promise for a good day, I am very unsure about it. Weather in this country is mostly unpredictable and I packed my waterproof in my work bag.

As a marginally bigger one half of the country will celebrating the outcome of the EU referendum, others, like myself, will have a mix of feelings (I can only presume). One of my thoughts is this: if we are going this alone, moving away from a large land/political mass the other side of the Channel+North Sea, how will this new political micro-climate manifest in my daily life…in the long term? Come rain or shine?

My sincere hope is that those in the Leave team are planning how to react to governance in all weathers and not just icecream sundays.







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