3 July 2016

Considering how rural Orkney is, Stromness is pretty urban with tightly packed houses often with no gardens. Houses along the shore used to have separate small walled gardens up-slope, but most of these have been lost. For the last few years a group of Stromness residents have been developing a community garden up the back of town with communal space, outdoor allotment style plots and a polytunnel on a 2 acre site. Stromness Community Garden has grown into a great place to spend an afternoon pottering in the polytunnel or weeding among the buttercups. If you can keep the wind off, you can grow anything, especially in the long northern summer days.

Sunrise                 04.09                                   Moonrise            03.48

Sunset                  22.25                                   Moonset             20.56

Low tide          02.45 (0.70m)                         Low tide          15.06 (0.72m)

High tide         09.04 (4.41m)                         High tide         21.25 (3.56m)

New moon


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