Seasons in G65

I am in G65, the PhD office at Kings Manor, York and it’s empty ‘cept for me. When I’m the office alone I get to loiter around and investigate the place a bit more. It’s in these moments I notice (and appreciate) all the majorly weird objects (artefacts) that get left behind by previous students. These objects interact in various ways with the shared areas of this bizzare 2-floor office space, which was previously a gym for blind school children…

I am proposing that the G65 office space goes through interlaced seasons, periods of maybe 4 years during which different students start research and then depart, leaving their marks as they go ( you know who you are!) Some things stay, some things get moved but I get the feeling there’s a general ‘composting’ of clutter, like leaves over the Autumn.


Wall: Indiana Jones image, Magnolia Cafes advert and Hogenburg Map


Little toy


New students created new spaces in recent ‘spring clean’



There’s a clay figure on the window sill, can you spot it?


Another toy



More space uncovered in spring cleaning



Sometimes things change on the pin-board but not much



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