19 July 2016

This week is Stromness Shopping Week; a local gala week in the town which started over 60 years ago to promote business and encourage visitors. There is a Shopping Week Queen and attendants who are chauffeur driven around to open events and give out prizes. The pier head is the focus with stalls and a small stage, while rest of the street takes part with events and the Odd Man Out competition in the windows.


Events are mostly for the children, including a pavement artist competition, doughnut eating competition, sand castle competition, craft sessions, street entertainers, bonny baby contest, pet show (Please – no toy animals) and a bouncy castle. Adults are catered for with the take away food, yard of ale competition, fancy dress three-legged beer race, rides on the lifeboat, holm race (swim to nearby island and back), daft raft race and wedding function band (Midas Touch) who host the stage throughout the week. Events culminate in the parade and floats which go along the street on Saturday evening often depicting topical themes or local politics (e.g. Fly MayBe was a particularly good one last year with a lifting aircraft and drunk hostesses).

Taking a walk down the street after work today I recorded some of the traces of the days events, before it all kicks off again tomorrow.

Sunrise                 04.35                                   Moonrise            21.16

Sunset                  22.03                                   Moonset             04.22

Low tide          03.31 (0.85m)                         Low tide          15.40 (0.90m)

High tide         09.44 (3.16m)                         High tide         21.52 (3.43m)

Full moon


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