Didn’t have a camera today, so drew this from the memory after the walk to work

Allotments are amalgamations of place, people and materials. They are places of retreat and action, usually of the retired middle class. They are the mini-farms, where hands, back-work and fresh air contrast from the finger-tippedness of other work.

They are the mesh of spades, netting, bamboo sticks, sheds and buckets.

They are a task of shared space and boundary making. The purpose is to cultivate a successful growth of vegetables, fruit trees, legumes etc, in the ‘allotted’ space. Boundaries that swell and swoon with the seasons, boundaries which the plants and bugs probably ignore (cross pollination must undoubtedly occur).

I can only imagine the day-to-day politics of sharing these spaces. Do allotment workers share tips and watering cans? And get awkwardly cross if they don’t give it back? Is one allotment more likely to get hit by slugs than others?  Are the nets for plants or people?





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