18 August 2016

I’m ill again today. Summer has flown by, hot and sticky, and I have mostly been attached to a heat pad, trying to deactivate my pain at a molecular level. I get a lot of looking out of the window done on these summer days. 20160818_140830Tramadol and the occasional top-up or oral Morphine when the pain is unbearable makes it hard for me to focus for very long on academic work, so I have intermittent short bursts of writing or data collection, and I am back to staring at the bird table and watching the juvenile starlings take on the old lags for the suet. It’s a strange drug – kind of cosy, nauseating and pain relieving, with a touch of psychedelia, all at the same time… can’t say I am having Quincey style inspiration…at least, I have reread what I have written and it seems to all make sense….

Currently rounding up data I have been collecting this year on Stonehenge. It’s going to be the best article I have ever written, if I ever get that far. Definitely one I will be finishing up in the ice and snows of Umeå in the winter.

Screenshot 2016-08-18 14.03.51



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