Teaching day

Teaching is in full swing. Thursdays are my busiest days this semester. My schedule is something like this:

8.45-9.00 Set up practical class for Environmental Archaeology in the Wolfson lab

9.00-11.00 Practical class (today is Pollen Analysis, 2 hours on how to identify major types and key features. Very hands on, using microscopes and reference collections.)

11.00-11.30 Put all the microscopes and reference slides away

11.30-14.00 Lunch, commenting on lab books from this morning, prep for this afternoon, prep for Monday morning lecture, work on Wolfson Lab website.

14.00-15.00 Dissertation training class for 3rd year students

16.00 Research seminar

17.00 Might go to after seminar drinks, or might go straight home, depends on level of tiredness and what family are up to


Setting up microscopes in the Wolfson Archaeology Lab at Newcastle. Pollen pics from QUB pollen catalogue (http://www.chrono.qub.ac.uk/)


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