12 November 2016

I will step out into the November rain shortly, to walk to the station and get the train to Birmingham. Rather than a weekend of family updates, gardening, household jobs and cooking the Sunday roast (leg of lamb mostly, with rosemary from the garden) this is a cultural day-trip. First: another look at Žilvinas Kempinas’s kinetic sculptures at the Ikon Gallery, and fellow Brummies dodging and peering at the gliding unwound videotape, and ball bearings with minds of their own.


Zilvinas Kempinas, Oasis, 2010. Installation, Ikon, 2016. Courtesy of the artist and Ikon. Photo: Stuart Whipps

Then to the Birmingham Rep for the matinee performance of Chris Hannan’s What Shadows, about the circumstances and aftermath of the ‘Rivers of Blood‘ speech delivered by Enoch Powell, Conservative MP for Wolverhampton South West and Shadow Secretary of State for Defence, at Birmingham’s former Midland Hotel on 20 April 1968. A time when public pronouncements enflaming racial hatred could be the breaking of a political career, rather than the making of it.


Rebecca Scroggs as Rose Cruickshank and Ian McDiarmid as Enoch Powell. Courtesy of Birmingham Repertory Theatre


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