Juniper and sagebrush

I think I’m 20 minutes late posting this if we’re going by GMT, but I’m currently on PST which makes it about 16.20. I wouldn’t usually be out of the UK at this time of year. We’re right in the middle of semester 1 teaching at Newcastle, but my NERC project just started and I had to kick thing off, meeting with my project partners in Oregon, finalizing the project schedule for the next 3 years, and going through the sample archive at the university museum. We also made plans for the first session of fieldwork which will be in May next year. I love this part of the world. The smell of juniper when you step off the plane is so distinctive, the landscapes are so vast and beautiful. It is so quiet away from the cities, and the stars at night are so clear. It’s a place I feel at once at home, but also like I don’t quite belong. I think it’s a feeling many archaeologists get. You spend enough time in once place, investing so much energy and even emotion, it becomes very familiar. But you’ll always be a visitor in many ways.




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