14th December 2016

Winter Moons are ones I imagine high, cold and clear. Set in brilliant skies pricked only by the brightest stars. Winter Moons are starkly beautiful, but remote and lifeless adornments to the sky.

Tonight’s full moon, although an hour risen, hangs over Halnaker Hill still yellow and wreathed in smog. A halo of sorts hangs round it, but red-shifted to a dirty, terrestrial orange. A 10yr 5/4 moon on a mild Peri-solstice evening.

Rising red and orange moons would have had a story to tell in the Pleistocene, a warning of approaching dust storm, forest fires or others in the landscape with fire and, maybe, intent.

Now, primal, cultural receptors to darkened, soil-streaked or smoke-smudged Moons are dulled. It climbs, for now at least, unheeded. Still trying to reach escape velocity and release from our inversion layer world. 


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