30 December 2016


There are currently no warnings for Orkney & Shetland on Fri 30 Dec 2016.

There are currently no named storms.

Angus (20th Nov) – we hardly met him; hit the south-west of England and slammed up the English Channel. 84 mph max. gusts in Guernsey.

Barbara (23-24th Dec) – she arrived with a bang before Christmas, threatening to put a dampener on things. But in the end, she was bad, but not as bad as forecast; 83 mph max. gust in Shetland. Still, she cancelled all the ferries and even disrupted flights just before Christmas. Some people didn’t make it home or get away south. She wasn’t hanging around for mince pies.

Conor (25-26th Dec)  – he seemed to sneak in the door after Barbara and whipped in on her coat tails from the Atlantic. With the seas already high after Barbara had made them boil, 15m waves pounded the west coast. Waves breaking over the cliffs with streams of cliff wash blown back up, never again reaching the sea. He didn’t stop the Kirkwall Ba’ (a rule-less football street game) with the Men’s Ba’ going into the basin in a near record 14mins. No weather stops the Ba’.

Conor did leave us a present; a large heavy solid plastic crate lid stamped ‘Orkney Sea Farms’  washed from a vessel and deposited by our pier. Our neighbours fished it out and it is being collected. Orkney Beachcombing reports finding creatures: an octopus and hundreds of Velella (By-the-wind-Sailor) washed ashore from the deep.

Today is dreich; still, murky and raining.

Doris (TBC) We have yet to meet her, this Oceanid and sea nymph. This storm-in-the-making has her own web page already, she already has a presence. We look forward to when Storm Doris is officially named (and her friends Ewan, Fleur, Gabriel, Ivor …)

Sunrise                  09:06                    Moonrise           09:22

Sunset                   15:25                    Moonset             17:12

Low tide         03:21 (1.03m)             High tide       09:29 (3.59m)

Low tide         15:47 (0.91m)             High tide       21:56 (3.36m)

Waxing New Moon


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