Shot taken from my kitchen window at 17:32 (it has an obscuring plastic sheet stuck to the bottom half, hence the patterns)

A friend & inspiration for this post is Hilary Orange, light-archaeologist.

I keep thinking about light this January, both human and natural. It keeps revealing itself to me in odd ways. We’ve slipped over the longest night but its still pretty dark. The Christmas lights are still up but we’re going back to work.


View coming out of the supermarket

I’m drawn to the sense of anticlimax at this time of year and how it manifests in ‘light’.  I quite enjoy this “mass-quiet” moment. After Christmas, I feel we are more subject to the basic undertones of ‘winter living’ (i.e. party’s over, it’s cold and dark, lets keep warm inside…) So now windows either look really warm and inviting or overly stark white.

Lights seem to have more impact on vitD deficient eyes. Especially when the sun comes out. That feeling is at once celebratory and humbling (as I am reduced to squinting like a bat!)


Silhouette in the morning

(PS. I am not SAD  but have researched it recently as my partner does shift work. I can only imagine what it must be like and keen to know more).


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