6 January

Are we really only 6 days into the New Year? I’ve just realised it’s Twelfth Night*, if things hadn’t been so busy then I would have made a Twelfth Cake, which would have made a far more interesting blog post!

But, unfortunately, life takes over and instead it’s been a rather full-on day, with deadlines nipping my heels constantly. It started with waiting on tenterhooks for 31 radiocarbon measurements to come back from the lab. I’ve never received so many in one go, it was like Christmas. Thankfully there were no nasty surprises, they modelled beautifully and were then reported somewhat hastily for today’s deadline.

A quick nip into town for an appointment, then a funding application had to be submitted. They always seem like such a good  idea when you start them, but by the end, although I’m totally convinced it’s the best project in existence, I’m left wondering if I’m being slightly delusional. Maybe it’s just me?

And then to looking at reviewer comments on an accepted article that I heard back about this week. It’s a big milestone for me as it’s my first, peer-reviewed, first-authored paper. That was a bit of a mouthful, but well worth it!

After all of that, what do I have left to physically show for today (apart from a lot of radiocarbon certificates)?


I’d do it all again tomorrow, but I’m actually quite glad it’s the weekend 😉

*I’ve just realised it’s actually epiphany today, twelfth night was yesterday. Oh dear…


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