7 January 2017

Getting hung up on dates when it comes to the solar calendar isn’t helpful. I’m sure there was fuzziness, give or take a day or two, in prehistory for major stages in the year.

The Solstice standstills can afford to be fuzzy as the sun is, well, standing still in its rising on the horizon.  I’m always fascinated by the fact the sun doesn’t start to rise any earlier until quite a few days after the winter solstice. It’s a period of time, rather like the Saturnalia, and not a day, like Christmas, that the Solstice occupies.

What brings it to an end is a new Season. The season of Epiphany, the name in Greek means “to appear” and was used for the dawn as well as a deity child.

I see this as always the epiphany of the year, back to work, trees down, rubbish cleared and the dawn rising to meet us a little earlier. 

A good fire last night, to clear the last garden rubbish from the autumn and a few boxes from the festivities, seemed fitting enough to celebrate our emergence from the darkest part of the year and the epiphany of a little more light. 


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