8 January 2017


At this late stage in my PhD, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of the days. It’s Sunday, or so my calendar would have me believe, but the day is spent working on my literature review – editing, rewriting, shifting paragraphs about, and adding all of the research that has appeared since I wrote my last draft. Soon I’ll need to declare that enough is enough, and stop with the additions, but for now I continue scrambling to keep up with the endless cycle of publications. At least the constant heat and humidity leave me with no question of what time of year it is, if not the specific date.

There is a little respite today though – not from the heat, which is ever-present, but from the work. Instead, in the evening, there is jazz, and gin (which may account for the slight tardiness of this post…). And then, at home, there is the scrambling for a pen to desperately try and capture the ideas that have appeared while I was briefly away from my desk. A good reminder that sometimes a little gin and jazz is exactly what my research needs.



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