27 January 2017

Graffiti Wall

It’s my penultimate Human Seasons post and I expected to post some more pictures of my field site, with some comments about conducting tourism research in mid winter (hint – it’s very quiet!) But some things cannot be ignored. Last week I was walking along the Bristol Road in Birmingham and was rather surprised to see that, overnight, a large bus had apparently driven through a brick wall and parked itself amidst the debris of its passing. It was also partially covered with graffiti. As the days have gone on I have observed the bus moved (agents unknown) into different orientations within the space and additional graffiti appear on its sides.

Now a bit of background – the area where the bus is located is adjacent to a Youth Centre and skate park and has is a place where graffiti is permitted. I assumed the bus must be related to this project. But I can find no information about the bus. So for now it lives in my imagination as a sentient being itself that wakes at night to dance around its small plot – taking out the odd wall in the process!


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