31 January Pressing snooze…

Running late, running out of time, running to catch-up.

Speed and time seemed linked. Both have a sense of purpose. When we have little of it, we perceive time running away with us and from us. And that’s when the stress and anxiety kick in.

How much of this is about linear time? The idea that there’s always an end point, a goal, a time limit. How often do we find that it’s possible to cheat that end point, even if it’s only a temporary cheat? Shifting goal posts, the snooze button on the alarm clock, the cat’s nine lives. The very fact I’m a week late in posting this.

Much like Adam’s post (on the correct day I hasten to add, unlike mine…), time in the past, present and future is something that has kept coming up in the last week – with students, with colleagues, with friends.

Society dictates we act according to time, and when we don’t that can cause stress on others who are waiting for us, as much as it can stress for ourselves. And it can appear arrogant – you think time doesn’t apply to you. Or is it a reluctance to engage with the world and its norm? Either way society eventually pulls us back into line…

But wouldn’t it be nice if we could free ourselves from the clutches of this relentless taskmaster? I don’t quite know how we do it, but pressing snooze does feel like a small step in the right direction, albeit a slightly delusional.


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