No archaeology today

Writing this one retrospectively again. Yesterday (Sunday 5th) was my final post for the Human Seasons. I didn’t do it on the day, not so much because I forgot, but because I don’t have a working computer at home at the moment, and posting blogs on my mobile is a bit of a pain. But also as it is sort of work related, I have a policy now of not doing any work on the weekends if I can avoid it. As much as I love my job I’m a much happier person now that I have a good work/life balance. A few years ago (before the joy of job security) I would easily work every evening and every weekend. I didn’t mind at the time as I love my work, but since having a family the things I love in life have expanded a great deal, and I need to make time for all of them. So on Sunday 5th, I didn’t so anything related to archaeology at all. I went shopping with my mini-me then we lazed about all day on the sofa watching She-Ra on Netflix.


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