13 February 2017: Random Acts of Fold

Interpretation of acts of living. Meaning found in repetition. Questions build, sway and return with each footstep of you that walks past or over. Time seeps and loops. Sometimes you wonder and that is enough. Occasionally you find answers. Often you discover more questions. Always you will never immediately know which it will be.


Wood Metal Stone


Materials layered by sea birds staking their claim,  sand stripping layers when thrown by the flux of weather and the moon.

They are barnacled and held slippy in a green mossy past in apparent lines of jetty. Possible lines of waiting and catching you think.


You see them and think of the lost fisherman’s life on the neoliberal coasts of imports. You try and find the lines, work out the patterns that mutate with perspective and rain.  Swathes of past stuck not forever in the sands that will always shift.  Each day less and different. Every day added with difference.  The history of relatively recent timbers staked under sand with information stored beneath water that is never static. These are beach defences against the swooping and soaring of German gliders. Living reminder that we pivot on time that returns and loops around us until we swirl with understanding.



Burntisland beach defences

Stone Metal Wood

Rubble of women branded as witches. A stone facade that was stuffed with coins of protection against the woman, the witch that was said to have lived here. Folklore of physical unearthings, coins stolen and fate tempted. You imagine her living there now, lacking equal protection of her rights. You walk in repetition to find the iron ring that lashed the woman to the rocks before she was pushed to sink in the sand in pieces of the past. Traces for the eye, for history, have been removed.


Stone Wood Metal

Copper bronzed life. You think of the applicable tenses of the neolithic woman. You wonder what her meaning is by the water and the woods that point to and hide the cup and rings. On your first visit you find carefully placed offerings, someone else’s interpretation of meaning. You wonder who they are and fold these thoughts in layers of time.


Neolithic Rock Art, The Binn Hill, Burntisland




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