17 February 2017


Oh dear, posting way later than I meant to. Missed all the alarms to post as I was fast asleep following a somewhat busy week at work and woke up in a coldy foggy headed panic as still a bunch of work to do.

This is my last post for Human Seasons, when I started my idea was to post a picture at the same time each day to see how far that reflected the seasonal rhythms of my job  – more office based in winter then out on site with volunteers over summer.

How far did it?

Not very. 

11 photos where I’m working. 12 when I’m not (plus 1 sick, 1 missed).

Mathmatically, roughly (very roughly) 50℅ of my awake time of my time was spent working and 50% not working. And I guess that is reflected in the posts, though it doesn’t seem particularly seasonal after all.

But saying a 40 hour average over the year hides a ridiculous work spike last summer with 170 hours overtime June-August (still with knock on effects hence oversleeping this morning) My experience of an utterly exhausting summer at work doesn’t show in the record at all. 

So if I’m taking one main thing from posting in Human Seasons has made me think one thing it’s how far sampling procedures we follow in archaeology can ever actually reflect reality. I haven’t got much further with that thought but it’s one I’ll carry with me.


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