A List of Reasons to Sing …

#16 To mark the end.

It’s my last post for The Human Seasons, and what a year it has been. I’ve published some posts under the influence of morphine, some under the influence of singing induced endorphins, and now I can happily say I’m writing under the heady influence of spring.

Thank you for having me, and here’s a gorgeous spring filled song with Sussex connections (collected by Bob Copper from “Jim” Swain in 1954). I learnt it from Shirley Collins’ album ‘Adieu to Old England’. It transpires that I misheard one of the lyrics but I’m keeping it in – it’s the folk process, after all. The Dovetail Trio do a stunning rendition of this song, there’s a link to a video of them performing it on the Mainly Norfolk page for this song (and a comprehensive recording history).

Adieu winter!

And for the hell of it, here’s a quick recap:

#1 The birth of a new family member

#2 Because it is finally May

#3 Because is night time in the woods, and the owls are out

#4 To ease pain

#5 For unity

#6 To give warnings

#7 Because you’re on a family car journey

#8 To release endorphins

#9 Because the bells are ringing

#10 For heritage

#11 Because the seasons are changing

#12 To rehearse

#13 To embrace failure

#14 To accompany

#15 To learn something



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