The Secret Garden 

Needed a change of scene so have drifted back to my parents house to write. And it’s blogging day (for the last time) so I thought, let’s do a material culture sweep of the back yard in the drap month of February! 

And sure enough, I discovered some forgotten, leaf tangled secrets in the undergrowth. Garden furniture is either bemusing or just…awful. I hope my mum never reads this. 

(Ps. I NEVER instagram or filter photos but, because this IS a sentimental garden, thought I’d go all out.)

What is with the marbles?

Remenents of my sister’s art project in flowerpots…concrete milk & washing up bottles…I’m going to ask her about them

Statue to all the late cats we’ve known

This one time, my youngest sister took a massive run into the garden, all the way down the path and headbutted the bird table. Which broke. Dad fixed it pretty well considering #familysaga.

Obsolete blueish paraphanelia

Need a hand? This guy is supposed to be the wish granting goblin thing in Five Children & It

I don’t understand the fat penguin but hey ho!

Thanks for the blogtimes Human Seasons! 



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