Posting Instructions

Posting on WordPress is really easy.  Hover your cursor over ‘My Sites’ in the top left corner and a drop-down menu will appear. In there, go to ‘Blog Posts’ and click ADD. Put in what you want to then press Publish.

Please title posts with the date in the following format: 1 March 2016.

Keep posts simple. An image (including composite images) or a short piece of text is all that is needed. Please caption images. Your first post should have a few extra words of explanation as to why you’re showing the thing you’re showing.

If you are posting text/poetry, you can type straight into the blog, but feel free to also create jpeg images of text too. These will be easier to Tweet. All posts will be automatically Tweeted by the @pa2015info account.

Ideally, posts should be made between 8am and midday.

If you think you might miss a posting date, you can use the Schedule function on the blog to pre-load a blog post for whenever it’s needed. It’s the little calendar icon to the right of the Publish button.

Some of us have a lot of posting to do, although it gets easier as we go through the year. One way of making this even easier is to decide on a task or place and just do that thing or photograph that place as needed. That’s a lot less stressful than trying to come up with something new every posting day.

If in doubt, or stuck for ideas, respond to whatever was posted yesterday.


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